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How To Start Being More Creative With Your Business: 5 Ways You Can Start Now.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Trying new things with our business can sometimes feel slightly terrifying, and that’s ok. But, it’s important to remember that anything outside of the ‘normal’ we have cocooned around our business and selves will always result in some natural friction.

Creativity, however, is nothing to be feared. Creativity, instead, should be welcomed and given a rightful seat up the table. Why? Because creative thinking keeps your business evolving with the times and at the forefront of people's minds, and any business who hasn’t welcomed innovative change has often fallen behind or (worst) removed from the high street altogether. RIP ToysRus.

So, firstly, why haven’t you made time for creativity so far? 1. It’s not something you’ve prioritised before 2. You’re unsure how to get started 3. There are too many or not enough ideas in your head 4. You’re apprehensive about your customer’s reaction to change 5. The belief that creativity is hard to track and measure

Well, what if I said this lack of creative direction seems to be holding you back. And, together, we can gain you the creative courage you need to make strides forward for your business.

Here’s how we can change that <<< 👍 1. Create an environment, in both your mind and business, where creative thinking and new marketing ideas can thrive without judgement. This may mean working on yourself to erase any negative thinking habits and/or collecting a trustworthy group of customers/business connections you can bounce creative ideas off. 👍 2. Know your brand so incredibly well that you know what creative efforts are going to look, feel and sound like coming from your brand. (get a brand consultant in first if not) For example, an Easter post is going to look very different coming from Animation Toolkit compared to Bake2Explore. It is my responsibility to know the brand’s character so well that I know where creativity can and cannot go for that particular client. This can sometimes get lost when brands try and jump onto a funny trend, as they all scramble for most innovative entry for attention, losing their brand's character and voice. 👍 3. Always have your customer in mind but don’t let current data and customer feedback restrict your creativity either. Yes data is a great component to consider when trying new ideas but it can also limit you because your customers are yet to experience your more creative business efforts. With that, have your community in mind but also have confidence in your relationship with them, this should give you some flexibility to explore. 👍 4. Explore what creative approaches you like and dislike. You can do this by being aware of other brands' innovative efforts. Keep note of what resonated with you and what you think would resonate with your audience. (But never copy) In this instance, you’ll be able to gage what you can creatively achieve as a business and whether you need to seek external content, copywriting, branding, creative assistance.

👍 LASTLY, encourage a positive relationship with creativity in all areas of your life. The more you integrate innovation into your life (be it crafting at the weekend, baking in the evening, writing stories, composing songs) the more creativity will be able to flow. Allow creativity and new ideas into your business, give it the permission to swoop your business under its wings on an exciting journey.

It looks like we’re at the end!

So, explore what creativity means and looks like to you and see how you can utilise these unique abilities/thoughts into your business. By having a great long think about the above, I', sure you'll be welcoming more creativity to the business in no time.

If you would like some support then you can also seek my 1:1 creative consultancy guidance by reaching out for a free discovery call -

Or, let me leave you with this quote.

“Being innovative takes a lot of hard work and a little bit of risk. But, if you want to thrive and stay ahead of the game, it’s an essential part of being a business owner”, Mike Anderson.

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