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1:1 Idea

Monthly Brainstorming Sessions for Small Marketing Teams

There are two types of ideas, ideas that are borrowed and ideas that are creatively tailored to your brand, strategy and customers. Which one do you think I vouch for?

In my monthly idea generation sessions, we look at the ideas in your rubbish heap and on the horizon of potential to hash out new ideas to creatively excel your business.

Book an idea generation session for one of the following topics.

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Brand Creativity 

  • Product and/or Services

  • Advertising Campaign

  • Or, for something else.

These would include the Creative Strides facilitating one two-hour brainstorming session a month (in-person if in Cambridgeshire) complete with a PDF deliverable and email guidance on bringing these ideas to fruition.

Price £349 a month. 

3 month minimum contract. 

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Creaive Direction

Creative Direction and Monthly Team Support


As Creativity Director, I facilitate the role of Creative Director for small marketing teams without a creative agency or Creative lead to bring all brand threads together and boost creative thought from the inside out. 

This is a great way of cleaning up your messaging, communicating a new product, gaining more creativity and originality in a new project or having someone onboard to be an extra pair of hands.

Available for the following support:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • Creative Marketing Strategy

  • Influencer Marketing 

  • Advertising Campaign 

  • Video Marketing Campaigns

  • Copywriting

Have another idea? Reach out to see if I can support you. I'm always open to new and exciting projects.

Monthly support for £629.50 a month.

Boosting Workshops

Creativity Boosting Workshops For Marketers

Stuck for ideas? Stuck in stagnant marketing ways? Stuck for your own unique creative direction? Our creativity-boosting workshops are ideal for teams wanting to creatively keep up with their competitors and creativity-thirsty customers.

These workshops are designed to encourage stronger idea generation, reframe creativity-blocking narratives, and encourage teams in need of a more fresh, innovative approach to their brand's marketing 


We also believe businesses need to make a better effort at looking inwards instead of outsourcing their creativity. By harnessing the existing creative talent they have internally it will save them money in the long term and keep their innovatively inclined people happier. 

Prices start at 555 a session.

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