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Prioritising Creativity

in a Creativity Thirsty World.

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About Creative Strides

Creative Strides helps brands in both innovation-thirsty industries, where there is a constant demand for fresh ideas, and for stuck marketing teams that cannot afford to avoid creativity any longer -  I see you. 


There's got to be a time when every 'we could be more creative' business breaks out of its stagnant marketing ways. Choosing, instead, to inject more brand character and creative thought into their online and offline efforts, connecting them with their audience on a more empathetic, innovative, level.

To do that, creativity-stuck businesses need to start making more time for creativity, work out their creative direction, and empower their staff in a way that facilitates the best possible chance for new ideas to thrive.

Be it through a marketing campaign, social media post, or promotional video, choosing to creatively stride ahead of the rest gives every brand, in whatever industry, the best opportunity to succeed. 

Who is Chloe Ambrose?

A Chloe is an empathetic, intuitive, and curious creative being with the purpose of navigating life in the most creatively and humanly-in-tune way possible. She seeks unique encounters and positive people looking to domino even more goodness through creative means.

Prior to Creative Strides, (ok, I'll stop the third person now) I worked in social media marketing for the last 9 years in in-house marketing teams and agencies. During that time I worked for large international brands, looking after their social media and influencer marketing campaigns. 

It was working in the creative industry that I realised how underappreciated real innovative thinking is. The type of thinking that forces businesses to re-think things and change. So, I set out alone, bundling together my decade of appreciation for ideation and differentiation. 

Now, I'm exactly where I want to be - creatively directing businesses towards more creativity-led success across brand, marketing and social media.

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