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You're here because you're curious.
You're also here because you need ideas.
Perhaps, even creative assistance.
Or a surge in creative inspiration for your team. 
Well, you found the right place!
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Yes. As a marketer, creativity can be demanded of us, expected of us. But what happens when we use up all our creativity reserves? We and our work begin to stagnate.

Stagnation can see our marketing efforts:

  • Gaining little or no report-worthy results.

  • Becoming 'tick-boxy' or 'samey' 

  • Losing customers and the business money.

  • Keeping the business from standing out in the market / alongside competitors.

  • Never moving the business forward.

Not forgetting that marketing stagnation can also see our creative teams:

  • Mentally checking out. 

  • Looking for work elsewhere - perhaps somewhere you/they have more time and flexibility for creativity.

  • Not advocating for the brand when recruiting new creative talent. 

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which is why I offer creativity boosting workshops_edited.png

I run Creativity-Boosting Workshops for Originality-Keen Marketing Teams 

Together, we encourage

your creative team to... 

 Trust in their creative ability.

 Build their creative confidence.

 Stop prematurely scrunching up ideas

during the ideation phase of projects.

 Adopt stronger team- brainstorming techniques.

 Navigate creativity more empathetically

and strategically.

 Come away with new ideas and creative

advice to instantly apply to their work.

 Prioritise 'difference' and original thought.

 Make creativity count.

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  • Option 1 ) The Morning Innovation Session explores in-house creativity speed bumps, new idea-generation techniques, and leaves your team with a fresh take on your marketing activities. These sessions are ideal for teams of 4-6 people and can be hosted at your offices. Pick this option for a boast of creativity if you're more time and penny-strapped. 

  • Option 2) My fortnightly Creativity Workshop builds a full understanding and appreciation for creativity and how to navigate it more effectively in marketing. This includes everything in option 1 (and more) with additional creativity exercises tailored to your company and people. Pick this option for a deep creativity dive for teams of 6-8 people over 6 weeks.

  • Option 3) Creativity Workshops in Cambridge! Keep an eye on my website and Eventbrite page for upcoming workshops. Perfect for creative colleagues wanting a taster of the above sessions, and more creative inspiration. Join other local creatives (up to 18 people) for this ideation-filled workshop and come away with new connections, welcomed marketing solutions and more creativity. 

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