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Bringing brand characters and creativity to the forefront.

Upon the stage stood a brand. Except, they had no script, and the lights were all turned off, and the seats... empty.

We all need a bit of direction from time to time. The same can be said about brands.

Like a ball of string, the threads to our brand have a role in weaving together the blue print of it and the customer's experience of it, and this can easily become tangled over time.

So, when you're lacking brand clarity or in need of taking your brand down a stronger, more creative route, the creative strides can help. With a quirk.


My creative brand services focuses on quirk finding, differentiation and creative brand strategy where I work with external freelance designers who's experience best aligns with your business. This approach means you have multiple creative brands at your disposal, ensuring the most ideas and multiple fresh perspectives.

Quirk Exploration
& Strategy

Tie up your loose brand threads with an exploration and strategy session. This service will pull everything together in a cohesive and creative brand strategy. Together we research, brainstorm and pave out your brand's new direction - bringing its character, story, and unique quirk to the forefront.

Course coming soon!
March/April 2023

Creative Branding
& Management 

Quirk strategy in hand, this next step creatively shapes your new brand into existence. Here my clients and I have worked together with external designers on branding and website design to bring the vision to life or evolve your existing assets. Message me for more information!

Creative Branding Case Study: Athena Leaders


It was time for a change, Naily needed her brand to move away from the "usual corporate messaging" and needed it to translate fun and play whilst still remaining professional. So, she sought my help.

Together, we worked on exploring all elements to her brand and personal brand, interviewing past clients, and conducting research into her existing brand presence. It was where I found it - she's like Mary Poppins. So, I presented the idea to her... why don't you be the Mary Poppins of Business. And her quirk was born.

With this new idea under our belt, we set out to strengthen her website and brand confidence, moving away from Athena Leaders and towards her becoming our very own Naily Poppins.

Creative Branding Case Study: Bake2Explore

mary poppins of business creative consultant branding.png

With just the Bake2Explore logo, Leila and I set out to explore the creative direction of the brand. We did this by delving into a brand exploration session, a series of 1:1s, background research and brainstorming to pull all the loose brand threads together.

Taking inspiration from Leila's branding homework and the existing logo, I delivered social media brand guidelines and templates to kickstart our social media marketing journey. This background work on the brand ensured we were off to a right start when it came to the look and feel of the Bake2Explore brand.


Not only that but we often worked together on branding product packaging stickers and ensuring the website was in alignment with Leila's brand wishes.

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Innovation Station

Cross pathways with fellow business owners and marketers wanting to prioritise more time towards creativity.  Together, we will work on building what creative mode of transport your business requires for it's own individual journey of innovation success. This is an online community and will be available to join very soon at a small price a month. Stay tuned for more.

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