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Brand Knit-Picking and Bettering: The Prevention of Brand-Unravelling

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Does your brand stand tall and proud in its mission or a little unsure about it’s purpose and direction? Is it authentically and positively at one with its own mission and presence?

Whatever truthfully resides on the inside of your brand may be impacting how it is presented on the outside. Which is why knit-picking and bettering your brand is so important.

For example, you may think that a perfectly woven, black-sheep gem of a jumper hangs confidently off your shoulders but, if we look closer, there may be a snag or two ready to unravel, revealing the insecurities and in-authenticities that lie beneath.

People are great at reading between the lines, semiotics and semantics and all that jazz, so mastering the analysis and prevention of brand snags, before a client comes along and tugs away, is very key.

By 'branding snags' I mean over time, like a jumper, ware and tare happens. Your jumper may fray, bobble, stretch or snag and its our responsibility to make sure that everything is woven together so strongly and authentically that we don’t risk being unravelled over this time.

I believe that when we experience a business' service, or product, there are moments where truths may reveal themselves. For example, if your business has 'quality' as a main value and yet your goods are made out of cheap materials this would unravel you as inauthentic to your customers. Or, if you would like people to see you as the leading bakery but your messaging is riddled with insecurities then there's a disconnect, a snag, something that might make people question whether you are indeed the leading in your field.

It's therefore important to have all the threads to your business nicely interlaced, from the heart to the messaging, your branding to your content, all building a very cohesive and positive picture of your brand. A picture that says you’ve thought about every component. That it is a brand that knows who it is and where it is going.

So, if your brand doesn't stand tall, proud and authentically confident in its mission, there may be some brand knit-picking and bettering to be done. An opportunity to dust off and reconnect with the business you once loved, bringing it a new enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

Well...if only you knew a creative consultant who could help ;)

Thank you for reading. I would love your take on this. Feel free to kick off the conversation below or reach out to me

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