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What is a Creative Consultant? And, do I need one?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Just like that I put together the creative job I’d always dreamed of. A role that prioritises new ideas and new ways of creative-thinking, encouraging brands away from stagnant marketing ideas and towards creative-led success. But, what exactly does that mean? Let’s explore that together below.

So, what is a Creative Consultant?

A Creative Consultant is a visionary who helps businesses facilitate more creativity across their brand, marketing and social. They act as a third arm to businesses that need to be, and absolutely can be, more creative - regardless of their industry.

Equipped with a variety of skills, a Creative Consultant can:

💡Uncover your brand character and creatively strengthen it's positioning. 💡Underpin your messaging with more creativity, story, and empathy.

💡Analyse your existing creative marketing efforts, offering fresh guidance. 💡Brainstorm new and effective ideas to facilitate brand and online growth. 💡Write, create, design, and schedule creatively aligned and fresh content.

Creative consultants may come with a particular background of experience such as social media, content creation, copywriting, customer experience - so you essentially a Creative Agency but on a smaller scale and a fraction of the cost.

Never short of energy they are also great at brainstorming, which means having access to someone with an endless capacity for innovation for your business.

Their primary role, however, is to offer creative marketing solutions to help your business and team fulfil the success your brand needs. Helping it to pave it's own path, out of the noise and into the arms of your customers.

Reasons why you may need a Creative Consultant on board: You want to implement more creativity across your brand, marketing and social. Creativity doesn't come naturally to your team so you're looking for guidance/support. Existing marketing approaches just aren't getting you the results you need. The brand is simply not connecting with you desired audience Time and resources are scarce so you're hoping to outsource your creative marketing work to a freelancer, reducing costs but not the quality of work.

Or, perhaps you're looking for my help for another reason. I'm all ears! Find my email below this cleverly positioned customer quote.

Have any questions? Feel free to email me at to book onto a free 1:1 on embracing more creativity-led success.

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