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Replenishing the Creativity of Marketers, Steering the Creativity of Brands.

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"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." 
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Social Media Marketing

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Content Marketing

Chloe Ambrose - Amber-RoseSmith 55_edite

Marketing Mentoring




Welcome, to the Creative Strides

I'm Chloe and I'm a Creativity Director -  a Creative Director that ignites creativity and encourages differentiation in marketing. 

Why? Because creativity is no longer something businesses can ignore. The world craves it and needs it, yet very few brands know how to strategically navigate it - often resulting in creative work that offends or fails. But I believe great creativity can do good. 

Creativity is also championed in organisations that hold a safe mental and physical environment for their creative teams - a space built on curiosity, empathy, experimentation, and originality. Due to a lack of time, resources, and restrictive narratives around creativity, this is often not the case. Often forcing our most creative people out of employment and into self-employment - like me! 

So, I'm here to help change that. To, one, get businesses to better embrace their creative talent and, two,  encourage businesses away from patterns of marketing same. Before we (including your customers) all go 'in-same'. 

Brands I've worked with!

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Ain't they lovely!


We had decided to move our brand towards a more positive angle and new name 'Future Face'. Through sheer luck and serendipity, we came across Chloe from Creative Strides. She is a really interesting and dedicated character who will go above and beyond the project remit for your cause. Chloe performed customer interviews and took a deep dive into the 'why' behind my business but most importantly she thought right outside of the box in terms of the messaging.. As a business owner it doesn't always seem obvious about how to speak to your customers and Chloe brings a fresh new approach. I would highly recommend her to any sized business because what she offers is totally refreshing and will ultimately help you better communicate with your audience.

Auriole Prince

Founder of Future Face

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I would highly recommend working with Chloe to anyone wanting their brand to go away from "the usual corporate messaging". I needed my brand to translate fun, play, professionalism and connect with people. 

Chloe has a keen eye for details, unlike many other people. I have been struggling to bring together the different concepts and ideas that form my brand. Everything felt a bit disjointed. In our introductory consultation calls, it was clear that Chloe did a lot of research to bring things together. She had a vision of what things could look like. We explored the brand in more details. Chloe encouraged me to embrace more my own tag line even on my website. I talk about play and fun - why not be The Mary Poppins of Business! I since has been introducing myself this way. It's going down really well with other business owners or at networking events.

Naily Makangu, The Mary Poppins of Business (Branding, Marketing & Idea Generation Support)


Chloe came to us at a time when our social media was a bit sporadic and lack luster. We where trying to grow our community and engage with mostly silent audience. She listened to our objectives and the tone of voice we wanted to portray and gave us a strategy to post that our team could work with. More importantly Chloe got what we where trying to do, listened to feed back and adjusted to make sure we got what we needed. It felt like night and day getting her in board. She is encouraging and thoughtful and definitely held the hand of our socials and gave direction. In the time she worked with us our instagram reach increased by 180%, the profile visits by 310%, the impressions by 380%, and the content interactions by 790%. She also gave some brilliant direction for our new content creators.  We are still seeing month on month returns for all the hard work put in. 

Camise Oldfield 

Graphic Art Director and Chair of

Graphics Union 

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